Day 130: Zoran's Important Documents

Zoran brings me piles like this every day. It is all the important work he does at school. And I think it really is ALL of the work, and of course he thinks all of it is important. I get in a lot of trouble if I throw any of the worksheets or math practice or whatever else away. I've got caught doing this a few times. It wasn't pleasant. Zoran is easily angered. I think, for the most part, he now believes we are saving all the papers. There are a good number on the bulletin board. He also has some sort of filing system (that looks a lot to me like a big pile) in his room. Thankfully, he doesn't yet seem to be aware that the massive amount of paper he brings home every day isn't quite correlating to the amount saved in the various locations around the house.

Currently, since he has once again lost his backpack (#3 this year), he folds everything into small squares which he then puts into his pockets which then get soaked by his hours of playing in the wet snow. He then presents me with the piles of very soggy, very important work. It would be a good plan to get him another backpack but he told me the other day when I asked if the latest one had turned up, "I know you aren't buying me another one and I don't care!" I didn't actually tell him that and we have other bags around, but he's decided he can't have yet another one. Sometimes he doesn't like me to interfere in his ways of doing things.

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