Headstart Powwow

Today was the first Powwow of the year, the Headstart Powwow in Ronan. I didn't quite get the kids outfits together. Zoran's is basically too small and we were going to pass it on to Lex, but with a broken sewing machine and little time, it didn't happen. I'll have to get something together for Zoran in the next few weeks, since he actually still really likes to dance. Azia spent most of the time walking with Madison and then Jenna just talking and giggling, but then she did start dancing towards the end. Last year she was going through a patch of shyness and didn't want to even go out on the floor most of the time. I have one girl with three dance outfits and three boys with only one outfit between them. This worked out well for Ahni and Lettie (who both borrowed jingle dress outfits and Jenna who ended up with Azia's shawl) but not so great for my boys. Azia also has no moccasins. She tried to put on her old ones and they're like 2 inches too small. So...lots to do.

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