Valentines Day

I just realized I didn't post any Valentine's Day anything. Maybe because I sort of hate the whole idea of it. I spent my day giving midterms, going to the dentist and attending long, not really pleasant meetings. But I'm trying to be less negative these days.  We (Azia, Zoran and sort of Lex) did make little valentines for friends and grandmas. And we had about 2 1/2 valentines decorations...which are still up and now seem a little odd and pink for cold winter weather.

Azia and Jenna made white & pink chocolate suckers to bring for their party. (Well actually they weren't suckers, just heart-shaped chocolates on sucker sticks.) Dev helped Zoran make chocolate chip cookies for his class. Azia also made little bottle cap magnets for each of her classmates with their names on them for her "stuck on you" valentines. She was annoyed my printer was being wierd & wouldn't print the design she wanted so she had to had write them all. I would not be surprised if only 2/3 of her class got valentines from her. Azia gets bored immediately with tasks she isn't 100% into. (Like writing 22 names on hearts with the same message and her name.) I probably should've checked that she actually followed through but often these things only occur to me in retrospect. Zoran made little heart pouches full of jelly-bellies (two dollies sewed together). I did the sewing but he did all the counting of the candy and stuffing. It hadn't occured to me to actually count the number of jellies, but he wanted to know how many each needed. I said about 12. I'm pretty sure there were exactly 12 in each friend's little heart. Zoran likes exactness. And I like little kindergarten handwriting. I love the little name tags he printed out with every classmate's name.

The kids were excited to bring all their goodies to school. Their yaya's birthday is also on Valentine's Day so the most exciting part was bringing her her flowers and a little present to her classroom in the morning before school. There was a lot of bargaining about who was going to actually carry the flowers in to her. Back at home Lex had fun with his little buddies giving valentines to Sage and Ethen and Kanana. When I got home from work Dev was with the boys and they were all at the table with all their cards and candy and the cupcakes Sage brought spread all around them. They were completely wired and excited yelling, "Party! We're having a party!! We're having a party!"

I think kids make all holidays more fun.

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