Day 132: Tomy Parker Benefit

Azia-Rain signs the guestbook. Tomy in the background talking to the crowds of people who came to wish him well.
I continue to be amazed by the way people come together in small towns when it matters.
This benefit was a great follow up to the homecoming on Wednesday. The spaghetti feed started at 11:00am and went until 6:00. They were prepared to feed 2,000 but worried by mid-afternoon they might have more people than food. The Ronan community center was packed--like no room to walk packed-- from the time it started till at least around 4:00 when we left. And when the boys came back for the live auction at 6:00 it was much the same story. There were hundreds and hundreds of items the community donated for the silent auction that went on all day. And the line to talk to Tomy, to thank him, just to shake his hand? For much of the day it stretched around the inside of building.

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