Day 248: following the rules. . . kind of

As I was cleaning up from the afternoon snack, I noticed this hand poking out of the other room (where the kids were on the computer).  I was a little annoyed because the kids aren't supposed to eat at the computer and also a little confused about why someone was waving their grilled cheese around the doorway. Then I realized Trance was just holding the sandwich outside the library/ computer room (and into the kitchen/ dinning area) and then when he needed more food he would move his whole head into the kitchen to take a bite.  Then he'd go back to watching the computer in the other room and leave his hand with the sandwich dangling into the kitchen, where sandwiches are supposed to remain.

This approach to sandwich eating solved two very important problems. . . not missing out on any precious computer time and not disobeying any rules. Computer games and rule compliance are very important in Trance's world.


  1. Awesome. He's a smart kid :)

  2. Oh Trance! So not cool, this drives me nuts at my house. He's very adept at figuring out a way between and around rules. While clearly not breaking the rule, he still knows that his solution, isn't necessarily okay. Tell that boy to eat in the dang kitchen!

  3. I knew without a doubt before I even read the post that this was him!