Azia's First Soccer Game of the Year

After two weeks without games, Azia's first soccer game was Saturday.  Since we had to get to Ronan for the funeral, she actually didn't even get to play in the game beyond the first ten minutes. Even to stick around that long I had us all changing in parking lot to get there on time!
Azia is sort of crazy. Also, I think she may be a little intimidated by some of the bigger kids who can really kick that ball pretty hard. She got nailed in the face and the stomach at different points last year...she wanted to quit. I let her play on Zoran's team for a one game instead and she was much more confident! (Sadly she was the same size as all the kids on that younger team, so it made sense she was more comfortable playing with them.)

On one of the very first plays of the game Saturday a ball went whizzing by her head and she screamed. Like a high-pitched shrill little girly scream. I yelled at her to stop screaming and go after the ball and she just smiled. A few seconds later it went to Addison (who was playing right next to her and Azia squeaked. Not quite as loud and annoying as the first time, but still pretty girly. She did it at least another time, but after the first couple times knew what I was going to say and would look at me and giggle after she did it.

She did start going after the ball, but then she just kept kicking it right out of mid-air--at like chest height! Maybe we should get her into karate or something instead.

As we were leaving the game I told her I was going to get her a mouth piece so she'd have to keep it in her mouth and wouldn't be able to scream though the game. She thought it was a great idea and started asking me what colors she could get, and what color I thought would be the coolest, and wondering if they had pink ones to match the stripes on her shoes, or maybe if it would be cooler to get one just like the one Jenna got for football....

So glad she's so enthusiastic about this soccer thing.

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