Zoran's First Soccer Game of the Year

 After postponing the startdate a week and then a huge rainy week that shut down another week of games, the soccer kids finally got to play on Saturday. Zoran was pretty excited.

 He has a really fun team. Besides his buddies Bryce and Kellen and Canyon, he also has a whole crew of cousins...Tre and Maysa and Ahni and Lettie and, well Bryce goes on the cousin list, too, but all the cousins are also on the friend list. It's part of what makes the team so fun.

That and this little kids can actually really play.  For five & six-year-olds they really do pretty well. Sometimes with kindergarten teams you don't do much but spend most of the game pointing them in the right direction and reminding them to go after the ball. These guys scored like 10 goals!

Zoran scored 4 or 5 of them. He was pretty excited. At the first practice after the game Gwen had awards for some of the players. Zoran got one for best offensive player. When I asked him what is was for he couldn't quite remember (I don't think he actually knows what offense is yet) but he said, "I think it was for being one of the good players."

We'll see how he does once they have to play a team that they don't just dominate. I think this last team only scored one goal (and Zoran was bothered they got one). The not winning is the hardest part of any game for Zoran.

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