Skatepark Celebration

Saturday they had a big celebration down at the skatepark now that they've completed the other building phase. There were all sorts of skaters (local kids and a few professionals too), competitions,  giveaways, free lunch, and tons of people from the community.

Azia & Zoran heading in to check out the festivities.
Zoran signing up to win a new skateboard.
The tossing of all sorts of free stuff into the bowl...or where small children are trampled by large teenagers very eager to get their hands on some free posters, stickers, earphones, gloves...
Gage actually did get a pair of gloves in the middle of all the madness.

 This skatepark is a pretty amazing little facility for a town this size. None of my kids really skate, but they probably would if we lived down there closer (like all the other kids who walk there everyday after school or spend their summer afternoons skating.) I wish they had some sort of play area for the little kids to play on down there while the older kids were skating. Sometimes the environment there isn't great for young kids, but when there isn't anyone around, the little kids like to run up and down the ramps and slide down the bowls. Or the slightly older kids like to scoot around on their skateboards on their butts.

And Azia won a skateboard! This was the highlight of the day for her (probably for Israel, too because he felt pretty important guarding it from all the older kids who wanted to take it from her or trade her for a t-shirt.) Now she just has to convince her Dad to let her ride it. He and Israel were afraid she's wreck it so they didn't want her to try it out. They've probably forgotten about it by now, so I'll just have to get it down off the shelf in her room for her in a few days.

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