September 25, 2010: Remembering Clark

We went up to Ronan for Clark's funeral today. Funerals are always sad, but when I remember Clark what always sticks with me is just how much living he really did. You can fit an amazing amount of experience into 96 years. Clark's health hadn't been good for months and he asked me last month to write his obituary for him. I was honored that he asked, and though there was that depressing awareness of why we were writing down details about his life, it was also incredibly interesting to spend a few afternoons with him, listening to him remember the pieces of his life he felt important. Listening to people talk about him today, I thought of more things I wished I could've asked. And now I worry about my Grandma and how she'll arrange her days without the man she's spent most all of her hours with the past decade. However much time we have, there are moments where it never seems enough.

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