Mission Homecoming 2010

Azia, Zoran, & Israel ready for Blue & White day
I overheard Zoran explaining to someone on Saturday that Homecoming was when you didn't just have to go home and do homework and read all night. Instead you went to lots of games and got to have a parade and do other fun stuff. It's too bad I lock him inside most days for long nights of homework and reading, but at least he had a nice week break where he could do fun stuff.

Zoran wasn't that excited about dressing up. He didn't want to do inside out day at all. He just thought that was crazy and wierd...it may be a few more years before he's enough over his phobia of crooked seams and inside out things and clothing that's not just-so to participate in something like that. He did so the silly sock day. Sort of. He decided to wear them, but said he wasn't showing anybody. This tiny glimpse is the only time he'd show me. He did want to do blue & white day, but that he understood. Team colors. He was ready to cheer for the football team.
Israel dressed up every day I think. Costumes are still sort of his thing, even if he doesn't like to admit it.

Israel getting painted up
I think all the kids like the blue & white day the best. EVERYTHING in my bathroom was blue after they finished getting ready.
Azia even made her Yaya doll some Bulldog wear.
Zoran at the Pep assembly
These little kindergarten bulldogs are pretty darn cute.  (Don't tell them. I'm sure they were going for fierce or something.)

Football players pretending to be little teapots. I guess I could have posted the captains talking instead of freshman being humiliated.

One of the highlights of Zoran's afternoon. The "real" football players from the high school team went through the bleachers shaking hands with all the elementary kids.

The middle school boys. What was most amusing to me about this photo was all the comments from these boys back & forth to each other when this was posted on facebook. Thank you, thank you dear middle school teachers. I don't know how people can spend all day with all this fun, but I'm sure glad we have such an awesome group of teachers in Mission who've signed on to do it.

Randi & Sage

Emily, Maysa, & Paige

Sierra & Chris. Still a little in shock that I'm old enough that my best friend has a boy old enough to be a homecoming candidate & a football stud. Cori, wasn't it just a few years ago we were riding on those cars in the middle of this parade???

Zane & Mackenzie
Azia with her class on their float.

Tailgate at the HS before the football game against Thompson Falls. 
Dylan & Scottie
Dev retrieving Lex once again. Lex is currently perfecting the art of running away. And on an unrelated note, look at all the people at the game! All sorts of people showed up to see the boys win the Homecoming game.
They've been doing a half-time field goal kick at home games. Dev got picked last time and they drew Eldon's name this time. Iyezk explained to me as his dad was walking out onto the field, "I know everyone who does this." I guess so far that is a true statement. Michael better start warming up for the next game. I think they're adding something else to the $100 in cash & $100 in groceries.
He looks like he knows what he's doing! Unfortunately he didn't make the field goal. Also, he can no longer tell people that he's never missed a field goal. (That sounded better than telling people he'd never made one, or never even attempted one!)
Darryl. Possibly Mission's most devoted fan. For a few decades now.
The homecoming candidates.
My little crew of Bulldog fans.

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  1. fantastic. everyone loves a parade! awesome photos - looks like your guys totally got into it!