33: another Sunday

The only time I left my house today was to take the kids over to eat at Mom & Dad's for an hour or so. Sometimes it's the highlight of their weekend. They forget to actually eat half the time, so I don't think the food is the biggest draw but their house is probably their favorite place to be.

This cell phone picture of a handful of the cousins playing games is more interesting than the piles of laundry or stacks of papers that occupied most of my day. Everyone else in the world seemed to be enjoying the Superbowl. I don't even really care about the Superbowl, but I would have like to go visit people for the afternoon instead of spending all evening cleaning the laundry room, especially since I didn't even have time to finish. I switched to grading papers and getting ready for work before I was done, so now the laundry room still isn't clean and I didn't put all the clothes away (because the kids' drawers are also all tossed & disorganized, too) but I spent all day angry about never having any time to do anything but work and then didn't even have time to go to sleep before I went to work. I would say work and clean but my house hasn't been clean in months, so mostly I'm just grumpy about that too. Mostly, it appears I'm always just grumpy. What a great way to start the year...

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