51: Bowling Field Trip

Lex's teacher, Ms. McMillan, gives him some bowling tips
Lex's preschool class all went bowling today. It was the most organized outing of 30+ small children I've ever seen. They all calmly got off the bus and walked in a line up to the door (where they stopped to read the "Pull" sign together.) Each kid was wearing a color coded bracelet that indicated what group they were in and the bracelets also had a number that corresponded to the lane where they'd be bowling. All the small kid-sized balls were already in the lanes ready to go. Each kid matched up their number with the lane and found a seat, and all the kids' names were pre-loaded into the machine at their lane. They listened to the directions and safety information, and then they were off. Each lane had an adult helping out kids. Of course it was silly and crazy in the way anything is when you have a collection of 3-5 year-olds, but it ran incredibly smoothly. 

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