50: Just like Lincoln

I love how I can each evening I can always tell what Lex has been studying in in school. When I picked him him yesterday (on Presidents Day) he and Evan were talking all about presidents. Lincoln has been Lex's favorite for while, but now he is also interested in Washington and how he was our very first president. He showed me the different money Washington and Lincoln were on and told me about Washington's wigs. He also still remembers our trip to South Dakota and was telling me about how these presidents on the money and on his paper he'd worked on at school were also on the mountain. (I greatly underestimated the impact the visit Mount Rushmore would have on my kids.) Tonight he was walking around with this old felt cowboy hat on, and then he pulled it off and showed me his secret note he had stuffed up inside, explaining he kept his important notes in there "just like Lincoln."

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