37: "pizza with a purpose"

That's the motto of our little pizza shop in town and although I don't really know the specifics of how their business is set up, they really do a great job of giving back to our community. Earlier this year when the school provided a pep bus to one of the high school girls' games in Missoula, they paid for all the students to get into the game. A few days ago they provided all the food and door prizes (including a rifle) for the firemen during their weekend training.

Today they donated all their profits or the entire day to Mason & his family. I thought this meant they'd figure out salaries and supplies and all that & subtract it out to figure out just the actual profits for the day like most businesses do when they do those sorts of donations, but they wrote them a $3,400 check that night as they were closing, so I think they just gave them the entire day's gross income. And this is a huge day for a little shop in our town. (We don't even have 1,000 people here--most restaurants don't even survive more than a year or so because I would guess that's closer to a month's income for businesses like this here rather than a day's.) Pretty amazing. I didn't even mind waiting the two hours to get our pizza! :)

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