36: another wrestler

His older brother's headgear is about double his size and the smallest singlet they have is a bit baggy, but he's ready!
Lex may try out wrestling this year. He isn't really old enough (for quite a few more years) but he has recently been interested in all the sports his older brothers have been doing. He had zero interest in sports or competition of any kind until recently. He discovered he loved batting last year during baseball season and has been more and more interested in watching and playing most sports for the last few months.

He still isn't big on rules. Even though his brothers have taught him a couple basic wrestling moves he prefers to use illegal ones almost exclusively. Last night after Zoran started trying to wrestle him he just told him to stop and declared they were going to just box instead–and just throwing punches may be more his thing. Israel is going to help coach, so we'll let him try out practice for a few days, but I think it may be a few more years before he's ready for any actual matches.

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