24: Bag. Zipped.

I have brought my bag home completely zipped up nearly every night this week. If you don't understand why this is a very awesome accomplishment you are probably not a teacher. Or at least not a teacher of high school or college level writing who has not transitioned to doing everything online.

Not only does my bag sometimes not close (often for years at a time) I often lug two or more bags or sometimes an entire crate of papers and notebooks and whatnot for my evening enjoyment. I have a goal not to do this anymore. Pariatially by rearranging my work – teaching fewer classes each day, scaling back to just that "director" part of my job that can be done while at work if I can organize things effectively, partially by better prioritizing what must be done rather than doing every single thing I think I need to do.

It's part of my larger "No homework by age 40" master plan I thought I should come up with. It's not really a very realistic plan if I stay in education, but I realized a few days ago I've already been doing homework for like three decades which just seems excessive.

Of course if I just decide to switch professional fields that would probably require at least a few more years of homework. I just can't win.

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