Some highlights from the week in iphone pics:

  • Row 1.  Morning waffles, changing pipe, kayaking at McDonald lake, and one of my favorite parts of working from home
  • Row 2: Arlee powwow, the Umphrey-Wheeler waterpark, more powwow, Lex the superhero watching superheroes
  • Row3: The three younger kids ready to dance,  "I'm superman! I'm superman!", practicing ABCs, Grand Entry
  • Row 4: Fireworks at Southgate Mall, 4th of July swimming, Israel "doing dishes" and a portrait of me by Lex

For some reason I'm using my new phone for pictures more than my old one.  I don't know if it's just because its new or because it's easier, but it's kind of fun to always have a camera with you. . . even though I almost always have my bulky Nikon with me, too! I also like Instagram even more than Hipstamatic-- a fun, quick way to make stylized photos.

life rearranged

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