23: Frost

The whole world was so beautiful today. . . and I didn't take one photograph (other than this one to check my camera settings) and didn't even make it outside other than to go from home to work and back again.

It was completely dark when I left this morning but you could already tell it was incredibly foggy the way street lights were dim and glowing and only lighting up a few feet. Everything looked a little eerie but very cool. I almost went back to grab my camera and then sadly decided I didn't really need to bother. When the sun came up later every tree was covered in frost– the whole world was white. It looked especially cool at the college where my building is in the middle of the trees. It as so amazing outside I had two different people stop by my office wishing I had my camera and they had their children so they could get some photos with the surreal wintery backdrop. By the time I was heading home the frost on the trees was nearly gone but everything was covered in the bright pastel nearing-sunset light.

When I got home I got distracted by dinner and homework and missed the rest of the perfect day without every really making it outside. Sometimes work really gets in the way of things.

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