25: Rascal Flatts

Azia and Israel both got Rascal Flatts tickets for Christmas so they've been looking forward to this concert for awhile. Israel got a couple really good seats--right in the front on the floor. I'm not really used to concerts where the floor would be a safe place for a 10-year-old and also floor tickets were super expensive, so Azia and Jenna (and Christina and I) got seats up above. We were at this strange angle to the side of the stage which actually wouldn't have been bad at all if they'd just add one more big screen to the side of the stage facing us.

Azia & Jenna aren't big Rascal Flatts fans anyway; they were most excited by The Band Perry that opened for them.

And I didn't even recognize the main guy when he walked right in front of us and was waving to people from backstage (where just the people with our cool side-stage seats could see him). I even asked Christina why everyone was going crazy screaming at the stage hand with the plaid shirt.

I clearly did not deserve expensive tickets.

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