262: First Day of Fall!

Leaves are changing, soccer is starting, football is in full swing, the air cooling down (though it is still full of smoke), and I am so ready for fall! In the last couple years it has become my favorite time of year.

Since the smoke ruined the air quality last weekend and there were no soccer games, this was the first week.  Azia and Zoran had a lot of fun playing, and Lex had fun watching once he ate an embarrassing number of twinkies. Azia had two games and Lex was so sad he didn't get treats with the team after the first one, I took him to the store in between games. I let him get a big box so he could share with all the other kids. Then I was not paying very close attention to him while making phone calls trying to get some ambulance transports covered. I looked up and he was on this perch watching the games and enjoying his twinkies. He had more than one. He also did not eat the entire dozen. (I'm not going to admit the number between those extremes which he did actually eat.)

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