254: Still Fire Season

It was sort of eerie out when the football game started. Normally it would be regular daylight this early in the season. Instead it was this strange sort of twilight--the sun was so hazy it almost looked like sunset (a few hours before the sun was actually setting). The air didn't seem that bad in Mission, but it was so bad in Missoula they actually cancelled all the day's high school athletics. I guess it was bad all the way into Arlee. So many parents complained about the awful air quality there, they even cancelled soccer for the whole valley the next morning. 

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  1. Yesterday we went to a birthday party for one of Dylan's friends out at the park. We were outside for an hour and a half, and on the way home everyone was coughing and complaining that their eyes were itchy, and I noticed as I was getting them to bed, everyone's hair smelled like they'd been hanging out around a campfire. This week, the kids have had to have "indoor recess" more than not because of the air quality--a problem I had hoped to leave in California! Thank goodness its getting close to time for real fall.