244: Lex's First Day

I sent Lex off to his first day of pre-school today. (I feel so middle class. The older three never got to go to preschool.) I'm excited for him. It seems to be a great school. I've heard only good things from other parents. I visited and was impressed with the facility and his teacher. I'm thinking I can figure out my work schedule so I can be done early enough to pick him up everyday and still hang out with him on Fridays.

He, however, does not realize how lucky he is. He's been telling me he doesn't want to go and he hates school since I told him about it a few weeks ago. I did slightly win him over with the idea of packing a lunch. We got him an awesome avengers lunch box and made sandwiches shaped like penguins.

Of course he didn't want any first day pictures, but I got a semi-smiling, on the run one (I'm considering that tongue he's sticking out at me part smile because he looks happy) and now I'm crossing my fingers for a good school experience.

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