243: River Day

The past handful of years we've tired to do a river float with all the family at least once a summer. We have varying degrees of success each year. We've done overnight trips and super-long one-day trips or just floated for a few hours. Since the majority of the adults in the family make the majority of their income for the year during fire season, it's always tricky to find a date when we can all get there, especially since often no one knows their schedule more than a few hours in advance.  Last year we got nearly everyone there at once, but we didn't make it to the river until September. It was September this year again, but we didn't make it with many of the adults at all--or any males at all. Courtney, Deva, Mom and I ended up with the whole collection of cousins. We just did a day trip and the river was low and super slow moving so it took us quite awhile. It's not as fun when our group isn't complete, but it's still a pretty great day.

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