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This is Lex quizzing me on my knowledge of shapes. Distinguishing this heart from his circle was a little tricky, but he thought I did pretty well answering all his shape questions. He wants to know everything lately. Or maybe he's just into figuring out what I don't know.

What ever the reason, he's been full of questions.


One of the oldest buildings in town burned down early Saturday morning. We were on standby with the ambulance, so I pretty much watched a small bit of smoke eventually end in the entire huge building being leveled. The fire department worked all night:


My little boys reading... electronically.


I have a giant car but I stopped helping the children get in when they were still very small.

So I suppose this is partially my fault.

Lex has quite a few different ways to get in. I actually like this one better than his preferred method of throwing himself backwards while holding onto the door handle to get enough momentum to get it to swing open. One of these days he's just going to break off that handle.


Apparently, Zoran really loves VBS. He came home with a shirt to prove it.

He and Azia got recruited by a friend to go again this year, and they seemed to enjoy it. Generally it sounds like a pretty good week with each day's activities centered around traditional Bible stories, but my kids haven't gone for a few years.

Israel got in a philosophical religious debate with the leaders when he was about seven and left very angry. He refused to go back. (And he's still angry about it. He's 14.)

The next year Azia took my entire jar of quarters (without asking) and donated it to whatever Mission they were supporting that year. Of course I should model generosity and all, but I don't like donating to causes unless I know a little about them. Also, her level of generosity was a bit higher than I had budgeted for the week since I'd been collecting that change for 5-6 years.

Tuesday Zoran came home with a cross necklace. Since our church doesn't use the cross symbol at all, my youngest kids don't really have any background with it as a religious symbol or any of the respect or understanding of how important it is to others. This means they really should not own one. I found the gang of younger boys using it in a prop for some vampire warriors game.

Also, the leaders thought someone might steal the children if they rode their bikes home (which meant a gang of five kids riding approximately 4 blocks on Thursday). Also, you can see from this photo the sort of bustling metropolis we live in. They had my kids call me so I could come get them  I couldn't do this easily since they & their friends all had bikes. They instructed me to drive right beside them all the way home, since I couldn't fit all the kids and the bikes in my car. Of course I followed the instructions; I don't need my own 7-year-grudge with any of the VBS ladies.

Not sure how many years we'll keep up the VBS thing. All these strange cultural differences are beginning to really add up. . .

Finals week. . I'm beginning to feel like a Dr. Seuss character:

Grading here and grading there. . . yes I'm grading everywhere!

in the car, on the bed. .. all this madness is going to my head. . .

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