157: questions

Lex has entered the endless questioning phase. Also, he's done with school for the year which means he's been sleeping in. Since he seems to require little sleep that also means he's often, like tonight,  still awake at like midnight, sitting in his little desk beside me at my bigger desk asking me all sorts of questions, like "Why are you doing that?" after every single thing I'd do.

And then he moved on to math for awhile:

"What's 2+2?" 4

"What's 4+4?" 8

"What's 8+8?" 16

"What's 17+16?" 33

"What's 33 + eleventeen?" 44?

And even though I pretty sure I'm get most of his simple math problems right (though I'm a little shakey on the value of eleventeen) he tells me I'm wrong and corrects me after each of my answers. As in 8+8 is 17. For some reason this makes me want to argue with him and lay out groups of 16 pens and another of 17 pens and then add then all together and make him count them which leads to me not getting much work done.

After about five minutes of math he went on to going through everything in my office asking what it was made of. I had to look at every item as he asked about it. I was also wrong about many of those. He was sure both my couch and my bag could not be made of fabric. He made me touch both and then knock on them to hear how they sounded differently. Of course then I had to tell him about the different kinds of fabrics and compare the couch fabric and the bag fabric with the different kinds of fabric I had in the closet because clearly I'm as annoying as he is. Also, I seem to be easily distracted.

After we had established what everything was made of, we had to establish were it all came from. He went through everything he could see first asking, "Did you make it? " If I didn't, then he asked, "Did you buy it at Walmart?" I don't think he found anything we did buy at Walmart, but I guess Lex believes that you could get nearly everything there.

Next he went on to having me identify which shapes he was creating with his hands.  I did do better at that than math, at least that's what he told me.

After that he moved on to asking me if I had any lipstick and why I didn't wear lipstick.

There are so many things to sort out when you're four.

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  1. How lucky he is to have a mama who accepts his questions and helps him discover the answers, even in the middle of the night when his busy brain won't sleep!