156: broken & cracked

Broken and cracked. Both this tiny eggshell Azia found and my girl's poor fingernails and fingers. I think this is largely due to her obsession with fingernail polish and paint and markers and really anything that she can color herself with. She is, and has always been, obsessed with painting her fingernails, but I doubt anyone has ever even see her with painted nails. She paints them continuously, sometimes multiple times a day, and then immediately removes all the polish. I don't tunderstand it at all, but I actually had to ban her from painting her fingernails for awhile a couple months ago because the ends of her fingers were so dry and cracked from the remover and just general scraping of everything. She also never has fingernails. I don't know if she bites them (I've never seen her actually do it) or just rips and breaks them off. The banning really does little good because if she has no polish she just paints them or colors on them with markers or really just decorates them with whatever she can find.

It's a little strange with all the time she spends doing all this decorating there is never any evidence. She has fingernails that look like they've been totally neglected rather received way too much attention.

I supposed with her it's nearly always more about the process than having any sort of product at the end.

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