132: Mother's Day

My kids are pretty awesome.

Dev helped them put together Mother's Day surprises for me today and it was all perfectly in line with the little people that they are. Their dad arranged the new shade umbrella, new sunglasses to replace the ones everyone who lives here denies breaking last week,  and flowers and a whole table full of all the treats I eat too often.

When I got up today they had everything set up out on the deck. There was an abundance of cards from Azia. I think she's been working on them for a few weeks. Nothing the girl likes more than a reason to break out her art and craft supplies.

I also had one card from Zoran. Of course it was done meticulously. It had messages about love and growing and three different layers of pictures and words and painting, and the back had a picture of the Yankees beating the Red Sox. Unfortunately I didn't get a great look at it because, being the perfectionist he is, he didn't think was good enough and took it off the table & ran off and stashed or destroyed it somewhere and refused to let me have it back.

Israel bought me presents, with his own money, that cost a bit more than something you'd buy in town for a few dollars. He's never really been one for crafts and cards and I always felt a little bad when people would make him make me things like that. (He never complained, but it wasn't really something he would've ever chosen to do on his own.) I don't want my kids to think they have to spend money on me, but Israel deciding to do that was really thoughtful. He works a lot and has his own money, but he saves nearly all of it. He's very frugal and doesn't buy things that aren't important.

Lex was sort of uninvolved in the whole thing and when the others all excitedly showed me what they had set up outside I had to go find him. He was inside playing games at the computer. I convinced him to come outside with us with the bribe of some of my newly gifted chocolate. The kids let me take this one picture of them and then  he promptly took one of my new pieces of art and clobbered Zoran over the head with it. As poor Zoran was crying on the ground  I asked Lex why he would to that to his unexpecting brother and he just said calmly, "Cause I'm a midget. I'm a mean midget."

I told him being mean wasn't okay and he wasn't a midget anyway, just a very small boy, but he would not budge on his insistence that he was most definitely a midget.  I finally gave up and went to enjoy the waffles Dev was making for breakfast. I still haven't been able to convince Lex that baseball players do indeed wear underwear, the issue he was arguing with me about yesterday.

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