131: cleaning

Azia, Israel, and I spent a few hours just cleaning the living room today. I think the help from the two of them actually made the job significantly longer and quite a bit more complicated, but it's one of those necessary steps in my master plan to train all these children to do the work around here so eventually I won't have to.

Whenever I stopped telling them exactly what to do, this is what I'd turn around and see: the two of them sitting in the middle of the chaos we'd caused, not doing much of anything very quickly.

I think they are out of practice since we have been neglecting our housekeeping duties lately. We may have found a plastic Easter egg (or six. . .) under the couches when we moved them to mop. Also, I found "April 24, 2012" traced into the dust on one of the stools at the desk in the corner. I asked Azia about it (because it seemed like an Azia thing to do) and she said, "Oh, yeah, I wanted to see how long till we dusted them."

18 days apparently.

How nice that we have that documented so clearly.

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