Day 138: so unrepresentative of the reality

This is not a good photo to represent the kind of day Lex had, but doesn't he seem so sweet all tucked into his little bed for a little nap? It's much nicer than an image of the 12x8 wall of broken glass on one end of my living room.

I think this mid-afternoon nap was only because he was totally worn out from destroying things and attacking people all morning. I was just thinking yesterday how he seemed to be out of his majorly destructive phase. He's been so pleasant and helpful lately. He's interested in colors and numbers and reading books and coloring pictures.

And then I was awakened from my daydreaming by the sound of sharpies scribbling across the wall-- no pictures just purposeful destruction. It's been downhill from there. The worst fallout today was yet other broken window. A row of 4x8 windows seems like a good idea when you have a nice mountain view, but it's much less cool when each of your three boys shatters one of the windows.  I think the loud shattering and fallout of glass clued Lex in that he might actually be in real trouble. He hardly ever cares about getting in trouble but right after the ball went through the window he ran and locked himself in Azia room. When I told him to unlock the door he did, but then he told me he need to go to his room.

The good part was the nearly two hours of calm that followed.


  1. If that happened at my house, the three-year-old would indeed take a nap, because if he didn't, I'd probably smother him. A huge wall of broken windows. In February. My sympathies. Still, he is awfully adorable.

  2. Yeah he came up with the nap plan all on his own.(He doesn't normally nap). He is a pretty smart boy. It's part of his problem.

    At least all the windows are double-pane, so there isn't snow blowing in. Still, they are now less effective, horribly ugly and quite dangerous with all the jagged glass. Fits right in with the rest of the environment here.