Day 139: the good part is that propane truck is no longer on fire

1:30ish today was not a great time to try to get through Highway 93 by Mission.  The dispatch for this accident said a propane truck had rolled and was on fire, so the quickly extinguished small flames from a blown tire (on an upright vehicle) were a much nicer scenario.  But in the middle of this there was also a traffic stop with a passenger that potentially needed ambulance transport (for minor pre-existing injuries) and another fender-bender. Luckily no one was hurt in any of this, but it all still causes quite a lot of chaos.  It also eats up hours of your life. . . we've had a whole slew of these ambulance calls the past few days. It's great no one has been getting seriously hurt, but I'm not really good at "standing by."  I always feel like there are too many things I need to be doing (somewhere...) to be standing by waiting just in case something needs to be done.


  1. I would be horrible as an EMT or any other "stand by" type job. I don't like waiting around on other people's schedules and I don't like stopping in the middle of something to have to get up and go do something else. It's a good thing there's people like you out there, because I definitely could not handle it!

  2. I hate standby stuff too...unless it's for sports or something interesting. The being able to just get up and leave in the middle of things is actually one of my favorite parts, though. I'm usually only on call when I'm doing school work (or just sitting around) so it's usually a great excuse to take a break and solve some real problems rather dealing for hours on end with all the academic stuff I'm always in the middle of!