Day 140: MT State Cheer Competition

We went to watch the state cheer competition in Missoula today and then the kids were incredibly sad when Mackenna got hurt in morning competition. Luckily she was back from the ER in time for the team competition, but had to alter the routine a bit to do it injured. The big routines and loud music are pretty exciting for the little girls, but still not quite as exciting as getting to hang out with a high school girl who is always super nice to them and who is a real cheerleader.

Also, after watching a few of these routines, the little girls have an incredibly hard time staying in their seats. At every chance they got Azia, Ahni & Izzy were up putting together their own dances. Ahni really wanted to go out on the big mat. I kept telling her that was only for the the kids actually in the competition. Finally she just said, "I know we aren't supposed to go out there, but what if we did?!"  I told her why might get kicked out of the gym and I guess she figured it wasn't worth the risk, because they went back to their routines on the sidelines.

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