Day 137: cousins vs. cousins (which means family always wins in the end)

In addition to eventually securing a majority wherever we go (our numbers are increasingly impressive) and the weaponry training, the cousins are also learning some grappling should the need for hand-to hand combat ever arise. You never know. It's always good to be prepared.

Azia & Jenna. Jenna won by points. (9-4?) Azia didn't do too bad for not knowing what she's doing! (She just started yesterday.) And Jenna, well, she's just kind of awesome.
It was kind of funny that both Jenna and Azia and Lettie and Zoran ended up wrestling each other. Or not really...probably a hard situation to avoid when you bring half a dozen cousins who are all beginners to one small meet. (Back to that securing a majority wherever we go idea. . .)

Lettie and Zoran. I find it really amusing how happy they both seem to be about what appears to be Zoran choking Lettie. Probably it would be much less fun if they weren't cousins (or weren't cousins on the opposite ends of the competitive spectrum.) These two might have to wrestle again at some point in the season. I don't think there are a whole lot of kids wrestling who weigh under 40 pounds!
And it may seem a little mean to let the boys pick on the girls. But that would only be the case if the boys were always tougher.

We won't mention how many boys Jenna made cry today.

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