You Capture: L

LEX:  Lex with his L. (or more specifically Lex Landon LaFrombois with his L...that's a lot of Ls!) Of course little Lex isn't supposed to play with this L. Technically it's a wall decoration, but Mom wasn't smart enough to put it high enough on the wall that it was out of reach. Also Lex has just recently become really interested in letters, especially "his" letters (which seems to mean the ones in his name).  So, basically he is continually getting in trouble for taking down the letters and running away with them and incorporating them into his building. Or turning them into weapons. Except he doesn't get in a lot of trouble because...well just look at the cute dimple and how excited he is about letters!

So basically even when we have them all on the wall, it's always a bit askew. A few jumps on the bed below and he can knock the letters enough times to unhook them--or at least make everything crooked in the process.

LEGS: Some wild legs. The middle two are a bit obsessed with wrestling this week. We'll see if it lasts.

 LASHES. Lex's lashes, specifically.  I'm not very creative so Lex gets most of the space if I'm thinking about L.


  1. beautiful shots of the the lashes! (and I love how you painted Lex's bedroom wall)

  2. I love your son's name and I love how conveniant it is that he's playing with the letter "L" for your pics! Great shots!