iPhone Dump:

I still need to upload all the photos from my real camera from our afternoon at the Bison Range a few days ago.

The iphone doesn't do too bad, though.

 Lex took this photo of me.

Then he realized it wasn't on video, switched it over so he could make a movie and then use the special effects app to launch a rocket into my head.

Boys are so sweet.

Look at all these cousins!



Azia and Jenna told me they couldn't help clean up because they were studying. They looked very studious sitting at the computer with their notebooks and pencils, writing intently. Then I actually went in the room and realized the "homework" was for softball and they were making elaborately decorated lists of the positions they'd like to play. Also, the information they were looking at on the computer? An episode of My Name is Earl on Netflix. 

Five minutes later I walked by again and Jenna had made herself even more comfortable with an improvised computer height bean bag lounge chair.

Such studious girls.


 No I will not put on my shoes for school. I will not even put my arms in my sleeves.

Instead I'll just go back to sleep on this bench.

Lex isn't a very enthusiastic morning person.


 Bath time fun:

 The boys don't actually like getting clean, but they do enjoy taking baths.

Glowing water, colored water, bubbles. . . that all makes it even better.

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