116: Headstart Pow wow

Lex was so excited for his powwow. He got all dressed at home, danced all around the house, and even wanted to wear his bustle for the 15 minute drive to Ronan, too. I had to convince him it would work better to put that on after we got out of the car. He was excited to find his friends and carry their class's sign for grand entry.

Then he was done. He laid in the middle of the ground where everyone else was still dancing & wouldn't move. I had to drag him off. He refused to dance with any of his friends when they came and asked. He refused to even talk to them. He did get up for the sack lunch they had for the kids for dinner. Then he stripped off his entire outfit and told me to take him home and refused to talk to anyone else, resorting only to grunting. Also, he wanted to stop for ice cream. He did say that somewhat clearly among the grunting and whining.

We did not stop for ice cream. Though I probably would have traded him to someone for some ice cream for myself by that point in the night.

(And that was early in the evening. . . before he set off my car alarm at a big school function, ran away requiring me to actually run after him, and covered the entire school bathroom with various gross body substances before trying to run back out into the gym naked from the waist down.)

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