117: new eyes

Scary photo by Israel. It's over exposed so you don't get the full effective of the vivid bloodiness, but he was too grossed out to take another one. My kids are such wimps.

I finally got Lasik surgery this morning. It is so expensive, but until I've been wearing glasses all the time again for these last few months I forgot how much  I really, really hate needing them. We're flexing a few hundred dollars a month from each of Dev's paychecks for the entire year and still needed my entire last paycheck on top of that to pay for it, but I was pretty excited to finally get it done.

This scary bloody eye look is the only unfortunate (hopefully really temporary!) side effect.

The actual surgery part was sort of awful. I don't know why it hadn't occurred to me that it might be awful since it does involve cutting into my eyes with lasers after all.  It wasn't actually the laser part that was bad though. The "numbing" drops felt like they were starting my eyes on fire and literally blinded me. I couldn't see anything when they told me to open my eyes so they could set up the laser thing. And then they suction a little circle onto each eye to hold it steady for the laser and that is the part that really hurt (and that gave me these great bruises). It felt exactly as you'd think something that hit you hard enough to make your eyes look like this would feel. The actual cutting didn't hurt at all. It was just a little creepy to hear the clicking of the laser working and to smell burning flesh. I guess it also never occurred to me that burning your eyes would smell just like burning any other part of your body. But that only took a few seconds on each eye.

They were sore and super, super light sensitive when it was done, so I slept for about three hours and then I felt fine. And could see perfectly. Awesome.

I just wished I would have scheduled it around Halloween because my eyes could have been a great component to a lot of various creepy costumes.

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