You Capture: Body Parts

March in Montana: 

Snowboot and shorts season. (Snowpants and t-shirts are also acceptable.)

And wrestling season for the little people. All sorts of tiny little body parts flying around

 and all lined up waiting their turn.


And all these little body parts are always causing messes in my bathroom.
The result when an 8-year-old & 4-year-old give each other mani-pedis. They did get all sorts of colors on their fingernails. (And fingers. And my floor.)
Lex still seems to have trouble keeping his body parts all contained in the bathtub during his bubble baths. Too bad bubbles don't clean up fingernail polish.
Is hair a body part? Probably not really, but it distracts me from all the other little parts when it's this bright.
Though the tiny little fingers are pretty cute, too


  1. These are fabulous! Especially the wrestling shot!

  2. The hands shot is priceless.

  3. These are all wonderful photos and great captures of body parts but my favorite is definitely the photo of those hands and their multi-colored manicure.