118: softball girls

I love watching the girls play ball and figure out how to do all the parts of the game better each week, but I may love this even more: how much fun they all have hanging out together.

Azia has such a fun group of girls on her team. There are a handful of older girls who've played a few years and they are really supportive of all the younger ones. There are a lot of girls who haven't played at and those who have are always showing them how to do things, cheering them on, never complaining when they're sitting in the dugout so some of the younger girls can get playing time. The younger girls have a great attitude while trying to figure out a lot of new skills and remember a lot of new rules. And they all seem to really like one another. They like to win (and usually do) but they seemed to be having just as much fun after the one close loss they had.  It will be fun to see what kind of team they are once they're in high school.

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