St. Patrick's Day 2012 (via InstaGram)

My kids really like St. Patrick's Day, and usually we have fun with finding different Irish foods to make and watching all the green on display in the parade in Ronan. Sometimes leprechauns even visit. (Like last year, and the year before.)

Michael gave everyone in the family shamrock plants for Christmas last year. We were supposed to see whose was looking the best by St. Patrick's Day. I would have accused him of not actually giving us a seed in the pot of dirt, but ours actually sprouted and looked really good about mid-January.

Then, I believe it must have been stolen by leprechauns because it suddenly disappeared.

Leprechauns probably understand we aren't real great with plants around here. I can grow philodendrons and. . . well, pretty much just philodendrons. So, I don't really hold any grudge over them rescuing the plant.

But since we were without one to submit to the contest, Azia and I decided to solve the missing Irish luck plant problem by creating any other one. The rules never actually stated the plant must be alive. I actually didn't help at all beyond letting Azia use my craft supplies and offering positive reinforcement. But, I sort of like our plant:

This year wrestling sort of took over the majority of the holiday. We had to be up and out of the house a little after 7:00am. This is very early for a house full of non-morning people, especially on a weekend.

We did have a big fruit rainbow for breakfast.

And good luck treats for the wrestlers (Beedo & Robbie stayed Friday night with Israel) and Azia and Lex, too. Not sure what they needed luck for Saturday, but they like rainbow treats, too.

Azia and Jenna really like the outfit creation part of the holiday. They  had a few different variations, changing it up a little each day for pretty much a solid week before St. Patrick's day. I think these are actually the outfits from last Sunday.

We had to drive all the way to Whitefish and then sat in the gym for about 10 hours. That is not even an exaggeration. Zoran wrestles in the lightest beginner weight class and Israel is in the oldest group. On top of this time span, the tournament was running way behind schedule by the end of the day. It was soooo long.

We took a break to go get lunch and the only thing close and economical was McDonalds. I'm not really a fan, but I do like Shamrock milkshakes. Zoran and I shared one for dessert.

The good thing about this marathon day of sitting on uncomfortable bleachers was that Zoran and Bryce both placed in the tournament. (This is one of two unit tourneys for the state. . . only 16 kids from each weight class from our half of the state even qualify to get into the competition!) Pretty cool for their first year!

After the end of the day, we had the couple hours drive back home. When we got back we did have a nice surprise in the refrigerator:

Deva left us a whole plate of these: chocolate cupcakes with Irish creme frosting. A few brownie/ caramel covered pot of gold little treats, too. Deva is pretty awesome.

The kids had some sweet treats and then more fruit.

The kids all had St. Patrick's Day t-shirts. Azia and Lex had festive socks, too.

But, apparently, leprechaun fruit rainbows are best eaten wearing only rainbow socks.


  1. A truly gorgeous post - photos, words, the story as a whole, thank you so much for sharing :-)

  2. Great shots! Your fruit rainbow is AWESOME! And with the gold at the end. Love that idea :)

    Congrats to your wrestlers! It must have been all the lucky treats they had when they woke up!
    And the green outfits are fantastic! I don't think I have a single green thing in my wardrobe :)