yet another photo shoot attempt

This actually captures every one of my kids' personalities pretty perfectly. (Too bad I was trying to hide those distinctive personalities & create one one of those photos that subtly persuade people that you have children who are always cute, clean, and well behaved.)
A couple times a year I like to clean my kids up and take a picture of them all sitting together smiling.

I guess I should say I would like to do this. I have not yet done it successfully (ever) but I do still try a couple times a year. 

I guess I get derailed right at that part where I have to find clean clothes for four people all at once and have them wash their faces and brush their hair. Because by the time I get the second kid dressed the first one is already dirty and by the time I make it to the third it’s guaranteed at least one of the first two will have lost their shoes. Also, it’s about at this time I’ll notice at least half of them need a haircut yet again and while I’m thinking about this I realized I’ve lost half the children. If tell them to come back they scream or start fighting because this picture taking thing is soooo boring!! And that’s before I’ve even taken one photo, so it only continues downhill.

But, we did try to get them all in one picture today so I could put something on Christmas cards. Totally uncooperative as usual, but at least they were mildly happy about it, so I think I may even have one to use that includes more than their feet. 

So, that’s progress. 


  1. This photo is soo perfect to me!
    I mean it's priceless to picture the personalities of your children like this. All 4 in a line

    I realy really love it!

  2. Lol... I totally know the feeling! Great picture.

  3. I can relate! LOVE this!

  4. I know the feeling!! BUT...I love these way more then the sitting smiling pictures. Great shot.

  5. I can totally relate! I can never get my kids to sit still!