Good Stuff: a whole lot of fall sports and a bit of school too

Yes! Another good week gone by....

And I've had this post of pictures sitting on my computer since Wednesday and haven't been able to find any time to add words. That too always says something about the way our days are going. At this point, I guess a few pictures are better than nothing.

: : Soccer Practice a few times a week

Lex the superfan keeping an eye on things

Bryce & Zoran

: : Flag Football Practice Too

: : Getting life in order and on schedule

The kids had a day off so we took on the pantry & back entry total emptying & scrubbing  & organizing project. It was really awful and actually took like three days. But it's so much nice now we have it done.
Lex made dinner almost all by himself on his night. It only had three ingredients that he just had to dump in this crockpot & turn on, but still pretty good for a three-year-old. He even remembered the whole process & what he'd put in there at the end of the day when he was telling his siblings about it.

Azia's favorite meal this days is corn on the cob. I keep telling her that isn't actually a "meal" but I haven't quite convinced her. It's especially cool when it's colored corn she picked at Yaya's.
So much for Lex's closet organization.
KaNana brought me sunflowers

: : Volleyball

First conference game (and win!) over Ronan

Sunset at the school

: : Mad Mudder Trail Race at Marshall Mountain

The team!

The course . . .

Somewhere near the top. . . look at our cars down there!
the after . . .

: : Jack's 6th Birthday

: : Israel's First Football Games

: : Israel the Driver

That may or may not be my not-quite-14-year-old son driving my car.

I lost my dog, kids and husband (who went looking for the dog) all at the same time I was trying to finish dinner and realized I was already 10 minutes late for a meeting and had forgot my car at the school. It is only a block away so I don't generally drive there, but I stopped at the football game on my way back from other errands out of town. So, after the game I just walked home & didn't even realize my car was still up there in the parking lot still Dev reminded me as he was leaving to find the runaway dog.

Israel was so helpful he offered to run up to the school and drive it home. (I'm sure this was all about helping me.) I reminded him he didn't have a license yet, but he offered to pay for any damage he might do to the vehicle or pay for any tickets he got driving the couple blocks home. He is the sort of kid who would actually do this, though it would terribly pain him because he is very cheap. This is probably why he has more money in the bank than I do. But, since he offered I figured he would be pretty careful.  Of course still not a good plan, but much easier for me.  I can't wait till he actually can get a license next summer.

: : Lex off to Headstart

Lex got to go register for Headstart on Monday. He thought it was a hat occasion.

Wednesday was his first real day. It, too, was a hat day.
He liked the first day! I'm a little sad he's going to be gone for so much of the day now. He's pretty good company.

Of course I'm back to school this next week too.

I don't think I'm quite as excited about it as he was.

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