Day 346: Lex's First Day!

Lex had his first day of Headstart today.

It was not one of my most impressive parenting days. Maybe more on that later with some pictures of the big day.

He still looks pretty handsome despite the shaggy hair and was excited to go. I asked him Monday when we went to do registration paperwork at the school if maybe we should get a new haircut before he started.

"I don't want a haircut, Mom." (Lex is generally against haircuts for no clear reason.)

"But you'd look so good with a new haircut!" I tried to explain to him.

"Mom, it's okay. They'll like me just like this. Just like I am now."

And since that was pretty much better than any response I could have hoped for (even, probably, enthusiastically being on board with the haircut) I decided we'd talk about the hair another time.

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  1. Love this picture!

    Such a cutie :)