Day 323: the bees are back

I hate it when the bees are out.

We didn't have too many last year, but some years it's so awful it's hard to even go outside. These last few weeks have been terrible. We tried to eat outside last week and got swarmed. Thursday KaNana tried to get in one of the little ride on trucks and got stung six or seven times before we got her out. Lex got stung yesterday just playing in the yard. Today every time you'd step outside they'd start swarming around you. I just kept all the kids inside pretty much all day.

Still, there were a few that made it inside. I swatted this one & apparently just stunned it instead of killing it. Then as I was getting the broom to just sweep it up with the rest of the dirt I was cleaning up, Lex trapped it. All the kids examined it for quite awhile before they let me get rid of it.

I hate all these bugs. We have an excess of flies and spiders and earwigs, too. Yet another reason I'm about ready to be done with summer.

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