iphone images from the last week

Row One: Lex watching the big boys jump off the bridge at the Dam,  Lex with new glasses, trying to slip & slide with a lack of water pressure, huge grape-size hail left on our deck after a sudden storm

Row Two: Lex borrowing one of Azia's scarfs for a cape at the campfire (while his is in the wash), Lex at the doctor's office to get something to gid rid of whatever was making him feel awful all weekend. (He is trying to hide by pretending to read the paper so he might not have to actually see a doctor.), strawberry shortcake made by Addison & Azia, trying to catch up. . . the trike just doesn't go as fast as those big bikes

Row Three: the kids all helping cut vegetables to get ready for Azia's BBQ, Azia & her friends at her cheerleading birthday party, more cheerleaders learning some moves from Mackenna, getting treats from the Cool Truck

Row Four: me trapped in a car with a dozen zebra balloons (now that my kids have learned to take photos with my phone they should move on to trying to take flattering photos), midnight bonfire for Deva's birthday, Dev manning the pinata at Azia's birthday, ambulance call turned rescue mission... Michael giving Billy a escort home.

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