Easter 2011

It seems like we had all sorts of intersecting holidays and celebrations this week. Easter seemed later than it's been in awhile so KaNana's birthday (which was also Earth Day ) was same week which was also when the kids had a Spring Break and then there was the circus and all sorts of baseball and softball. . . it's been a busy week.

But, of course Easter activities were some of the high points.

Lex dyed the same egg for most of the egg dyeing session. He really, really liked the green dye and what eventually became his very green egg. He liked the green dye so much that he was very excited when I told him we were wearing gloves because it would dye his hands and everything it touched. He immediately took off the gloves and dyed his hands green.  Near the end I did convince him to create one more egg. So, he had one very green egg and one very blue one. He was very fond of them and quite possessive. He didn't want anything to happen to them. Then he ate them both for lunch.

Sage and Lex were convinced this giant Easter egg was really two Easter hats. I guess it was. I didn't get around to using it for the project it was intended for, which seems to be what happens most of the time these days. I have a lot more intentions than finished projects when it comes to projects. At least it makes good hats.
Of course there was an Easter Bunny sighting. I have to say, giant Easter Bunnies are really, really bizarre.
It seems only my two biggest boys were interested in the Easter Bunny.

Lex was very excited to head to the town egg hunt.

Until we walked right through a whole field of "hidden" eggs to get there and he wasn't allowed to pick up any of them. Then, since we were a little early, he had to sit right at the start line and look at all the eggs in front of him he wasn't allowed to pick up.  It put him in such a bad mood he refused to participate when the hunt actually started. He just sat in the middle of the field with his empty bucket.

But since he is the baby, apparently some older siblings felt sorry for him because he ended up with a collection of eggs in his bucket without finding any on his own.

Everyone walking home after, eating their eggs and candy.

Sunday morning the kids got up bright & early to find more eggs. (Well, Azia got up early and woke up all the boys. The older two found eggs but Lex wasn't eager to wake up, so once again the older kids delivered eggs and treats to him.)

Israel. . . not sure if he's really awake yet.

Azia examining treats
Zoran devouring peeps
Azia getting some "help" from her big brother in the egg searching
Zoran & his loot
Azia made her own Easter basket. She found this clear plastic jug when we were cleaning up outside for Earth Day & thought it had too much potential to just go in the trash. "Mom, what could I make out of this?!!" I guess this is what she came up with.  She liked it better than the one we bought, except it wouldn't hold as many eggs as she wanted it to. I expect version 2.0 for next Easter will take into account this design flaw.
We didn't roast any peeps this year, but they still didn't stick around very long.

 of course Lex's favorite part was all the candy
I absolutely hate this stuff. And yet I still buy it about every other year. I think it takes about two years before I stop finding it everywhere in my house.

In the afternoon we headed over to Mom & Dad's for dinner and even more searching for Easter Eggs.

They have much better trees than we do. (It's not a lot of competition since we don't really have any trees.)
Still, they have better trees than just about everyone.

The big boys picked out one of the tallest trees and began work on their tree house. Can you see them in there?  (These boys are the semi-adult ones. . . are you still an adult if you are in your twenties and spend your weekends climbing trees? Or is there a better label for this group of people?)
Most of the rest of the crew spent the afternoon occupied with less adventurous activities.

 Aodhan sharing his eggs with Grandma Elda.

Zoran and Lex searching for eggs.

Our Easter Bunny was pretty sneaky this year. That and the huge yard made for some actual hunting involved in the Easter egg hunt.


And to top it all off, the weather was nice enough to go without shoes. It was a pretty beautiful day. Of course the kids are already in holiday withdrawal. First thing Monday morning they wanted to know which holiday was up next. I told them there really wasn't one any time soon. That wasn't the answer they wanted, so they decided they'd have to come up with their own holiday.

Planning for "Bubble Celebration" is now underway. 

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