She's Back!

Spunky little Azia was back for soccer Saturday! I try to enjoy my kids' games regardless of how they're playing, but I have to admit, it's so much easier for me to watch when they're aggressive and actually seem to want to be out there playing.

See all that crazy hair? Don't worry, she doesn't need it pulled back. She can see right through it. We've discussed this at length. And her brother's ancient shin guards and her tennis shoes? She couldn't find her cleats and shin guards before heading out to her friend's house the night before the game (because they were hiding in her backpack hanging up on her hook in the entry way. The absolute last place she'd ever look for something.)

This is her going in for a header! (Is that even the right word??!! I need to brush up on my soccer terminology!) She actually tried this a couple times during the game and actually pulled this one off really well. I have no photographic proof since that maroon thing in the side of my picture moved directly in front of me right as she did it.
But of course this was Azia so there was still a bit of attitude. And that one time she wanted to go take her little mini dog for a walk during the quarter break rather than get ready to go back into the game,
All-in-all though, great day! No girly screaming or kicking flying balls out of the air like a ninja.
And her team won!

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