Bison Range Roundup 2010

Monday was really rainy, but by Tuesday afternoon the weather was pretty perfect over at the Bison Range for their annual roundup. 

I don't know if it was the bad weather or the ongoing management controversy, but there really didn't seem to be that many people there to watch this year--at least not as many as there has been the past couple years.
Even though most of the herding is done with four-wheelers and jeeps these days, there were a few people on horses scattered around the Range, too. 
My ambulance partner hard at work. Stand by is exhausting.
Sorting out the bison

picnic snacktime
Their pretty scenic spot for the education station for all the kids who visit.
Zoran identifying where the buffalo bones all fit together. He got to leave school a little early Tuesday to come check things out.

Small little mischievous children breaking into the ambulance. Lex would definitely drive this away if he knew how.

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