1: birthday 10-10-10

So I had plans to at least figure out some interesting plan for Sunday since it was my birthday & 10-10-10 seems like such a cool date. And it didn't start out too bad. I got to sleep in till 10:30 which never happens and then Dev brought me this tasty chai before I even got out of bed.

Of course it was all downhill from there. My throat was really sore as soon as I woke up and this is the only photo I took all day (with my phone) since my camera has stopped working. My lightswitch in the boys bathroom also stopped actually turning on the light, the toilet is leaking in Azia's bathroom, my oven stopped working, and my car started making a really awful sound which probably means lots of money so I haven't wanted to turn it back on. And instead of solving any of those problems I spent all day trying to get caught up on school work, except for the last few hours before I went to bed which I spent cleaning.

Next year for my birthday I think I need to take myself to a hotel for the night.

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