Zoran's Soccer Team vs. Arlee: October 2, 2010

Zoran's team played Arlee last Saturday. It was a pretty fun game to watch.  They were pretty evenly matched so there was a lot of scoring back and forth & lots of excitement for all these little intense people.

Celebrating after a goal. Zoran had a handful of them again.

Mady passes to Zoran. These two are quite the offensive duo.

another goal celebration
Zoran got the good sport award this game, which for Zoran is even more impressive than his offensive award last week. There was a kid all over him most of the game but he didn't loose his temper even once! He's making progress!

Although they aren't supposed to keep score, of course all these little people (and some of their parents!) do.  I heard the story was Mission was ahead by one until the very last play of the game. They threw it in beside their goal and scored again. Gwen was right there blowing her whistle and telling them everyone it didn't count because there was no kickoff and time had already run out. She is just as competitive as some of the little crazy 5 & 6-year-olds and almost as amusing to watch.

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