131: Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2014: I made them pause their home run derby competition for a picture. They only occasionally humor me by staying in one place long enough for a photo.

Our Mother's Day plans got a little derailed when we woke up to a world covered in snow and all sorts of white stuff still falling from the sky. We were going to go watch Israel play (the Mariners had their Mother's Day game) but when it decided to be winter they cancelled that. (Too bad no one knew it would look like the picture above a few hours later!)

But I got lots of cool gifts from my kids to celebrate the day. Israel and Dev cooked breakfast, Azia made me a crafty card the size of a poster. Zoran had a whole collection of gifts and art projects, including a book about me where he established he clearly knows his mom (for good or bad). It was obvious it wrecks his life a bit when I make him clean so often. He also thinks I should be on the computer less often (which I can wholeheartedly agree with...if he only knew most of the hours there are after he's asleep) and knows that to relax I go feed Zayda and read a book. Sadly, he has no idea what kind of food I like, but recorded I do drink Rockstars. (Yes, maybe mom should eat an occasional real meal and stop spending all her time working at her computer, drinking Rockstars.)  Lex's artistic card explained he loved me more than a whole list of his favorite things, even "peeza" and P.E., so I figure I'm doing alright.

I tried to convince my kids they should clean out my car for a mother's day gift or at least clean up the kitchen (why does no one ever believe that I'd much prefer a clean kitchen with no dishes to wash to any kind of meal?) but they instead chose baseball in the yard.

And I like that even more than a clean kitchen and clean car so I guess it worked out okay.

Azia, Jenna, Zayda and I snuck away at the very end of the day with a pitcher of huckleberry milkshakes to share with my mom. I was working all morning and she was working all evening, and we almost missed meeting up at all.  It seemed too much of an undertaking to get everyone over there when it was already past bed time & they were still scattered everywhere and I told the girls we'd just catch up with Mom tomorrow. And then Azia said no, we need to go now. And Jenna explained, Let's just go. Just us. It's a girl's day anyway. Which made sense. So off we went, for a 10:00 pm treat, three generations of girls, in all phases of motherhood, ending the day together.

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